Family of homicide victim speaks out

The sister of the woman found dead in a Fulton County field says even a life sentence for her sisterâ??s killer wouldnâ??t bring the family closure.

Police say Brandi Gonyer-Boaston was strangled by her ex-husband, Ronald Boaston.

Brandiâ??s sister, Deanna Jones, is torn by that charge.

â??We didnâ??t want it to be himâ?? she said. â??Heâ??s been a part of our family for 12 years. Iâ??ve considered him a brother.â??

Brandiâ??sâ??s body was found in a Fulton County field in February. Toledo Police say forensic evidence led them to the charge against Ronald Boaston. Sgt. Joe Heffernan is hoping the arrest will help bring closure to the family.

â??This is the most important part of what we do,â?? he said. â??Thatâ??s where the satisfaction comes from for us.â??

Brandiâ??s family is helping to organize a fundraiser in Brandiâ??s name. The money raised will help pay for her childrenâ??s school clothes and college tuition.

â??The kids are the ones that will be hurt the most,â?? Brandiâ??s brother Kevin Gonyer said. â??And there is no justice or satisfaction they will ever get of knowing their mother was taken and their father may be the one to blame.â??

The fundraiser will be held April Saturday, April 19th, at the Holland Gardens banquet hall, starting at at 3 p.m. Donations can be made at the fundraiser or at any PNC bank. The PNC bank fund is called the Brandi Gonyer Boaston Benefit.