Family of teen police say held captive flew 'under the radar'

Executive Director of Lucas County Children Services Robin Reese fronting a press conference Thursday. (WNWO)

More information was released about the family of a teenager police say was held captive for more than a year while shackled in the basement of their north Toledo home.

Executive Director of Lucas County Children Services Robin Reese fronted the press conference.

"We're still in the information gathering stage," Reese said. "It happened at midnight last night and it is unfolding as we speak."

Reese stated children services is reviewing past occasions in which they have been in contact with the family of the 13-year-old girl.

"Our last contact was in 2014," Reese said. That investigation involved a child eating french fries out of a garbage can in a park. "We investigated it and didn't find that the kids were malnourished or mistreated, based on that investigation." Reese believes the 13-year-old involved in the recent incident was the same child involved in the 2014 report. LCCS received referrals requesting a home study prior to 2014, Reese told reporters.

Two other children were found inside the home Thursday, both of which were removed and placed into foster care.

"This family has been under the radar of the community," Reese said. The kids have been home schooled and live in a neighbor. "Part of what we have to find out is how and why."

"One of the eyes that we have in the community is the education system," Reese said. "Our education process is helpful to us keeping an eye on families." Reese did not know the last time the girl was enrolled in a school, if ever.

The children discovered inside the home were said to have been in decent shape. "The two children were in better shape than the 13-year-old," Reese said. She interjected that many times in family situations, one person may be targeted and it appears this could be the case. "I wouldn't say she was malnourished, but her hygiene was questionable."

Reese said children services plans to be completely transparent about the situation but informed reporters that children who go through experiences like what police have reported can take time to be able to explain to the fullest extent as to what happened.

The 13-year-old girl's step-father, Timothy Ciboro, 53, and step-brother, Esten Ciboro, 27, were arrested and charged in the investigation. They are currently being held on $500,000 bond each.

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