Family upset after no arrests made for injured 3-year- old

Child hit by car in South Toledo) (


"The ambulance, people at the fire department had to pry my daughter out of my hands while she was leaking blood ."

A parent's worst nightmare might be watching their child get hit by a car. That's what happened to Nikole Brown, the mother of 3 year old Lo'Miyah Hersey. Hersey was hit by a car on the 300th block of Havre Street in south Toledo around 4:15 p.m. on Saturday.

Police say the child ran out into the street when she was hit by a 34-year-old Toledo man driving down this one way street. Relatives say that's not what happened.

"She didn't run out to the middle of the street, because if she ran into the middle of the street she would be severely hurt from the front down," said Brown, noting most of her child's injuries were in her head.

A family member who didn't want to be identified told NBC 24 Hersey was standing near a group of people when she stepped forward and stuck her head out past a parked car.

That's when the family member says, she was hit and was flung into the air.

"We've been teaching her look before you cross, so when her mom yelled stop she went to look and when she did she got hit," said another family member.

The relative performed CPR on the child until the ambulance arrived. The three-year-old is suffering from multiple injuries including: a broken jaw, arms, legs, and a break in her pelvis.

Neighbors say they've been petitioning for a speed bump like this one for years because of drivers continuously speeding through the one way street. They say something like this is bound to happen.

Currently no one has been arrested as a result of the death. Police say there is no evidence proving the driver was speeding. Current Lo'Miyah is at Promedica Toledo Hospital in critical condition. Doctors are performing tests for brain function.

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