Family relieved that murder suspect has been caught

On October 13, 2013 Jordan Jones was fatally shot inside her west Toledo apartment. Several days later the slain woman's ex-boyfriend Marquis Walker was charged with Jones' murder. On Monday Walker was arrested in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Jones' mother Leslie was visited by US Marshall's on Monday and told that Walker was in custody. "I'm very happy, it's been a long time," Ms. Jones said.

Jones's sister Laken Jones-Harris first learned that of Walker's arrest when she received a WNWO text alert on her mobile phone. Jones-Harris says the family is relieved that Walker is behind bars. "It's been hard because that is my baby sister, my only sister," Ms. Jones-Harris said.

Jones-Harris tells WNWO that she received several facebook messages from Walker over the past five months in which he claimed Jones' death was an accident. "If it's supposed to be an accident, turn yourself in," Jones-Harris replied to Walker.

The family says they will attend all of Walker's court appearances once he is extradited back to Toledo.