Family searches for answers in loved one's death

Adamae Schooner,84, was reported missing on Sunday.

An 84-year-old woman wandered from her home and was later found in a ditch during the weekend.

Adamae Schooner didn't answer her phone for awhile Sunday when Bill Carter, the son-in-law of Schooner tried calling her.

"At 1 o'clock she wasn't home, and we made some extra phone calls. When the time came for her to be home from church, she wasn't answering, we started to think she had walked somewhere," Mr. Carter said. Family members posted on Facebook that Ms. Schooner was missing.

Within an hour, twenty people met at her home to look for her. "We found her right before dark," Mr. Carter said.

According to relatives, Ms. Schooner suffered from dementia and they say it could have played a role in Sunday's tragedy.

"With dementia, you see things in the past, and sometimes she sees her little brothers and they are there one minute, then gone the next and she goes off searching for them," Mr. Carter said.

Ms. Schooner was the oldest of ten children. She was a resident of the Village Meadows senior community in Holland.