Farmer's Almanac predicts "bitter winter". But is it reliable?

For most of us this summer has been nothing short of underwhelming, unseasonably cool temperatures have so far had this summer feeling like an extended version of spring. But according to the latest edition of the Farmerâ??s Almanac, trouble is on the horizon. The Almanac is predicting a quote â??piercing and bitterly cold winter "...and understandably Toledoans arenâ??t happy. A couple of them told us they â??hate the coldâ?? and arenâ??t looking forward to the seasonal change.

The Farmerâ??s Almanac uses a formula based on sunspots and climatology, boasting an accuracy rate of 80%. However their methods do garner some skeptics, including our very own Morning Meteorologist Jon James. He told us â??Anybody that can tell you they can do long range forecasting, wouldn't be working for the Farmerâ??s Almanac, they'd be cornering the market on long range futures on the Chicago mercantile exchangeâ??.

Accurate or not, it seems Toledoans were already thinking along similar lines, when it comes to this yearâ??s winter. Most of those who spoke to our cameras told us weâ??re â??due for a bad winterâ??.

But each person we talked to also says no matter what theyâ??ll be prepared for whatever the winter brings; and when it comes to weather predicting, the best bet is to trust the professionals.