Fate of old school house?

When entering toledo on I-75, drivers are greeted by the sight of an old brick school building, located just off the freeway at 1111 Manhattan Blvd. The building has no window, and is gutted and overgrown with weeds.

"The first thing you see is a big four story building with the windows out," says Gregg Becker, who attended the school as a child, and who's parents still live close.

Gregg says he wants to know why the building has been left in such disarray.

"[I'm] just wondering why this is still the way it is after 18 months. Why it's looking like a war zone," says Becker.

After numerous attempts to find out the fate of the school, and getting no reply, Gregg came to WNWO for help.

"I can't get any answers. I've been calling and emailing the board, and nobody will reply," he says.

Most recently, the school was labelled Riverside Elementary. It was a temporary location until the current Riverside School was being build. It hasn't been used in about 2 years. According to Gregg, demolition began about 8 months ago, and then abruptly stopped. He says no work has been done since then.

"If they're going to use it and repair it that's great. But if they're not going to use it, go ahead and tear it down and put a park here or something. Just make it usable, and look nice for the neighborhood," says Gregg.

I called the school board to get some answers. I found out the delay to be the Police Athletic League building. Their facility is attached to the rear of the school. The problem is that both buildings (which is actually one unit) are attached to the same power source.

I was told that P.A.L. is currently looking for a temporary facility until the demo is done, because they will be without power for a time. A representative for TPS said they are waiting on some permits that should be completed by next week.

I was also told that the demolition is going to be done in December - or at the very latest, January.

This demolition just looks to be another step, as the Glass City rebuilds, by tearing down old and blighted structures.

I should note that the TPS representative (Patty) was very pleasant to speak with, and gave me all the information I requested.