Fate of TPS Asst. Principal still in limbo amid accusations

Sandra Meeks-Speller

On Tuesday, the Toledo Board of Education announced that it would allow the future of Sandra Meeks-Speller to be decided during a hearing at a later date.

The TPS assistant principal will go before a state appointed referee that will then report back to the Board.

The group met for more than three hours, behind closed doors, before announcing their decision.

The Board was considering firing Meeks-Speller because of allegations she physically disciplined and made threats towards students.

Meeks-Speller's sister, Janice Hughes, was at Tuesday's meeting and spoke with WNWO about the Board's decision.

"No, that is not the person that I know at all. This is totally out of character for Sandra. Anyone who knows Sandra, knows this is out of character," Hughes said of her sister.

Meeks-Speller, a Spring Elementary assistant principal, has been on paid administrative since August 8th.