FBI issues warning in chop shop investigation

The FBI is urging anyone involved with an alleged East Toledo chop shop ring to surrender to authorities. This warning ws given by Supervisory Special Agent Joseph Callahan at a Thursday press conference in downtown Toledo. "If you are connected to this criminal organization or have associated with them we would request that you reach out and contact the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the FBI or the Toledo Police Department and come in and sit down with us before we have to come out and find you.

On Thursday morning federal, state and local law enforcement conducted simultaneous raids at three different locations in Toledo. Mike Wymer, age 54, Mike Deutsch, age 37, Gary Wymer, Sr., age 55, Terry Wymer, Jr., age 28, and Shawn Wymer, age 27 were taken into custody. Police are looking for a sixth suspect, 47-year-old Robert Debolt. The defendants are accused of stealing $2 million in property from semi trucks over a four month period in 2012 in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. The suspects have been charged with interstate transportation of stolen property.