FBI reveals photos are of suspect in Toledo minorâ??s sexual assault

Two tattoos on the back of a person the FBI says is a suspect in a case.

A week after releasing photos of a man, the


initially said had "information" on case being investigated by the NW Ohio Violent Crimes Against Children Task Force, authorities are revealing more on his connection to an open investigation.

On Wednesday, FBI Special Agent Dave Dustin told WNWO that the unidentified man was involved in the sexual assault of a Toledo minor in 2010.

The images of the suspect, who is also believed to be from Toledo, were taken from a video obtained of the victim being attacked.

Authorities say the suspect is white and in his late 20's and they describe him as being around 6 feet tall and thin.

Federal officials are now hoping this new information will help someone in the Toledo area identify the suspect from the photos of his face and three tattoos.

If you can identify the man you are asked to call the FBI at 419-243-6122