FCC Commissioner meets with local leaders about broadband and Wi-Fi issues

Congressman Bob Latta welcomed a Washington official to talk about improving broadband communications in rural areas.


commissioner Ajit Pai visited northwest Ohio and toured Buckeye telesystem's offices in Toledo.


uring a roundtable discussion at Buckeye's offices, the commissioner listened to local business owners about the issues of bringing and improving broadband and Wi-Fi technology to rural areas.



f you live in a part of the country that doesn't have that connectivity, that doesn't mobile broadband, doesn't have a fixed broadband, you're probably going to move somewhere else where you can get it, and that's a disaster in the making for rural America



explains Commissioner Pai.

Congressman Latta explains Pai's meeting in northwest Ohio is important for locals with broadband and Wi-Fi issues in rural areas,
"when you're talking about Wi-Fi and anything like that, it's so important with what happens with the FCC because it affects everybody right here at home."


ommissioner Pai says he plans to take what he has learned back to Washington to find solutions to the problems.