Federal firearms indictment of Toledo man

In a criminal indictment filed by the Department of Justice, 47-year-old Richard

Schmidt faces charges relating to the 18 firearms, 40,000 rounds of ammunition, and body armor in his possession.

Dave Castner owns a restaurant in the same mall where Schmidt operated a sports memoribilia store, which is located at the Woodland Mall in Bowling Green. He says he is Schmidt friend, but never knew of any guns.

"I've seen nothing of weapons. I've never saw him with a weapon, so i have no idea," says Castner.

The indictment also charges Schmidt for trafficking in counterfeit goods in his store, which is where they found the body armor, along with seven high-capacity magazines.

Those who work close to him, describe a very different man than the charges would suggest.

"I always thought him as a very good person. And I never knew him as being any other way than a gentleman. Very quiet," explains Castner.

Schmidt could not legally possess firearms bacause he was found guilty of manslaughter in 1989, but Castner believes Schmidt's large store merits some level of security.

"If you had a lot of stuff, wouldn't you want to be protected," asked Castner.

According to the mall manager and friend of Schmidt, who is currently running the store in his absence, the reason for the many guns and 40,188 rounds of ammo is because, she says, Schmidt is a "doomsday prepper."

She says she has always known him to be a very nice person.

But nice or not, with a felony conviction, you cannot own a firearm, or in this case, numerous firearms.

"I feel sorry for him," says Castner, "but he has to deal with it. He has to do his time just like everybody else."

Each of the 176 indictments carry an average sentence of more than six years.