Felony charges against a Lucas County Deputy

Toledo, OH - A veteran of the Lucas County Sheriff's office is facing at least two felony charges.

According to court documents, Deputy Paul Little little is being charged with the unlawful transaction of a firearm, for allegedly giving a 9mm handgun to an informant, who is a known felon. It is illegal for a felon to possess a firearm.

The report states that the informant handed the gun over to Little's superior, and an investigation was opened.

Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp says that just because Little is one of their own, doesn't make him above the law.

"It's something we have to deal with, and deal with aggressively. We owe it to the citizens to enforce the law, uphold the law, and we have to police ourselves," says Tharp.

Little is also being charged with providing false information to a public official.

Little filed a report stating his firearm had been stolen out of his car, after he had given it to the informant.

The Toledo Police Vice Unit later observed the informant returning the handgun to Little while under surveillance. He later reported that he had found the gun in his home.

Deputy Little is also charged with intimidating a witness, along with his brother, David Little.

The threat allegedly happened after the Little brothers found out that the paid informant was working with the sheriff's office on a case that might prove Paul and David Little were trafficking marijuana.

The report states that Pul Little told the informant over the phone that, "No matter what happens, we are going to kill you."

Deputy Paul Little is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the case.

Click here to view court documents.