Fence built around destroyed apartment building

Hymore Apartments post fire (courtesy:NBC

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- On Tuesday afternoon, an apartment fire at the Hymore Apartments caused an estimated $1 million dollars in physical damages according to the Toledo Fire department, but that's just the outside.

"We've estimated the lost to the occupants content to be at about $300,000," said Captain Michael Benadum, of Toledo Fire and Rescue.

Combining the buildings age and style--a wood and open brick layout-- the flames spread quickly. Firefighter's don't know the origin but know it spread quickly through the walls and attic.

The day after the fire, Building Inspectors were on scene and told residents that they possibly could get back into the apartment in a few days,weeks, or months. The owner is not optimistic about resident's return, and is now working on filing insurance claims.

On Wednesday afternoon, crew began working on a chain link fence to go around the building to keep away unwanted visitors.

The owner said she will also be getting security detail. She did not want to go on camera with NBC 24, but tells us that she, along with the residents, are in shock.

The American Red Cross of Northwest Ohio is currently helping victims. If you know someone affected they can give them a call them at (419) 329-2900.

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