Film focused on Lucas Co. heroin addiction premieres

'Chasing Hope' made it's film debut on Monday at the Maumee Indoor Theatre (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza).

Beth Robertson lost her son Jordan to a drug that has claimed far too many sons and daughters.

He died in March of 2016, but his struggles began during a time when the awareness and information regarding heroin addiction was not as widespread.

"At the particular time that my son got into it, it was the beginning of it all. So I had nothing, I was just on my own trying to figure out how to help this struggling person, he was my baby," said Robertson.

She represents one of two families featured in the film 'Chasing Hope: Solving the Opioid Crisis' who have experienced loss due to the drug.

Dawn Duhaime is the executive director of the Spring Green Educational Foundation and helped put together the film.

It's a Maumee based organization that helps fund and create educational experiences and awareness.

Duhaime says the goal of the film is to educate middle and high school students, she says most adult addictions begin at the ages of 12-14.

"We deal with the aspects of what is an opioid. We talk about the physical aspects of it. What it does to the brain, how easily it is to become addicted and we also look at the why," said Duhaime.

The film is the first part in a two part documentary series. The second part to debut in 2018 and be a larger look into the opioid epidemic nation wide.

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