Final touch to Veterans' Glass City Skyway Bridge

A bicyclist enjoys the new pathway underneath the skyway.

The Veterans' Glass City Skyway is now complete. I know what you are thinking... hasn't it been done?

But Wednesday, the Ohio Department of Transportation debuted the final piece of the project: an urban park and multi-use path underneath the bridge.

Bicyclists and runners have already found and started to enjoy the new area. The trail extends from Geenbelt Parkway, underneath the skway, crosses the Craig bridge, then along Front Street to Tribute Park.

ODOT says it is the least they can do to repay neighbors who put up with construction hassle and noise.

"We're very pleased and proud that we can restore something positive for the neighborhoods and tie the streets back together at neighborhood level, create an urban park, have these beautiful multi-use paths through the area--2.21 miles of multi-use paths through the neighborhoods," said David Dysard, ODOT Deputy Direction District 2.

There is still one final touch to be added to the area: a memorial for those who have fallen along with all of those who contributed to the skyway project will be dedicated in April.

Additional Facts from ODOT:

  • The total project cost $22 Million
  • The Craig Bridge was resconstructed
  • Since 2001, ODOT has stored 40,000 truckloads of fill dirt from the VGCS projects in anticipation of this trench project as a cost savings measure.
  • New landscaping will continue to crop up through 2012.