Finding a summer job

Chilling out this summer sounds like fun, but it's not going to help make your wallet any thicker. Getting a job will, but it's easier said than done.

"The market is really really tight. What we recommend is people try every avenue under the sun," says The Source's Craig Gebers.

So, you could hit the streets - resume in hand - and search for potential employers. Or, you could head to The Source on Friday, where they'll have ten employers waiting to meet you. They have clerical, maintenance, and construction jobs targeted at teens.

"In today's job market, just getting the opportunity to work for somebody, that may be a transitional job that could turn into a permanent job," Gebers says.

So even if these options aren't your dream job, they still make a good resume filler. And getting your foot in the door in key. It's a competitive job market, but if you focus on presentation, motivation and potential for growth, you should stand out and get ahead.

The job fair is at The Source on Friday, February 13th from 2pm - 4pm. Bring your resume and dress for an interview.