Findlay flood plan could mean relocation for some residents

Blanchard River Watershed flood plan presentation continued Tuesday night in Findlay.

The US Army Corps of Engineers told Findlay residents that some of their homes and businesses in flood-prone areas may have to be bought, razed or elevated because they'll still be at risk for severe flooding with the newly proposed plans.

Some of the Blanchard River plans would result in slightly worse flooding for some Findlay neighborhoods because of changes made upstream to stop the overflow of the river into Lye Creek during floods.

One plan that calls for a levee to be built from the Findlay reservoirs to Ohio 15 would force floodwater to flow down the river and around the reservoirs. That, in turn, would increase the flood level by roughly 2.5 inches in certain Findlay neighborhoods.

Despite the setback in a few areas, Army Corps of Engineer officials say, if implemented, those measure could decrease floodwater levels by three feet in Findlay during major flood events.

Still, some Findlay residents had their concerns.

Findlay resident Ronald Eversole told us his property has flooded several times in the past few years, and he's spent a large amount of money on repairs and insurance. He says some of the proposed plans would directly affect him and his wife.

"I can't see where their project is going to help us a whole lot. They've put that retention center right where our house is sitting."

At this time, corps officials do not have specifics on exactly how many homes and businesses would be affected by the tentative flood-risk damage reduction plans. They say they need to conduct more studies.

Beginning Dec. 12, the public will have 30 days to give their input and opinions on the Blanchard River flood control plans. Comments can be submitted by mail at:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Buffalo District Environmental Analysis Team

1776 Niagara St.

Buffalo, N.Y. 14207-3199

Comments can also be submitted by email: