Findlay flooding forecast to be the fourth-worst in history


FINDLAY, OH (WNWO) - Hancock County is in a State of Emergency. As the water levels of the Blanchard River rise, Findlay residents are preparing for a long 48-hours.

The water depth is currently over 15 ft, but is forecast to reach 17 ft by Friday afternoon.

By early Thursday, the water covered streets and sidewalks, flooded cars, and even reached local homes and businesses like La Riche’s detail shop. And, of course, many of the residents are concerned.

Nick Moore is the owner of Flag City Clothing and InVogue Records.

“Yeah, I’m a little worried," he shared. "We had a lot of inventory and stuff that’s on the floor, so were just getting everything off the floors right now just as a precaution.”

One local man, who did not wish to be filmed, told NBC 24 that he was on his way to stay at a friend’s house, because his basement apartment had been completely flooded.

Many residents are turning to the city for free sand bags to prepare themselves as the water continues to rise. The bags are available until further notice at the corner of Crawford and West Street and at The Cube on Main Street.

Lydia Mihalik, Mayor of Findlay, explained, “obviously we know that this is a very rapid situation, the river seems to be going up at a pretty good rate. But that makes sense given the amount of rain that we’ve gotten.”

City workers have been at it since 6 AM building the bags as quickly as possible.

Cody Glick, Findlay Street Worker, shared, “every time the radio puts a higher number on there, you’ve got more people. I mean this line hasn’t stopped. It picked up about 9 o’ clock and it hasn’t died down yet.”

And when Moore was asked if he would be using the bags to protect his businesses:

“Yeah, definitely," he said. "We’re going to take all precautions just to be safe.”

The city has also announced that they will be collecting any flood-related debris on Tuesday, July 18th. They ask that all debris be placed on the curb by no later than 7 am.

Until then, the City of Findlay just has to wait the event out.

Moore commented, “I’m looking right out the window, and the Blanchard is raging right now.”

Additionally, the Hancock County Sheriff has issued Level 2 Flood advisory, asking that only those who feel it is necessary to travel be on the roadways.

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