Findlay hit by golf ball-sized hail

Portions of Northwest Ohio were hit especially hard by severe weather.

Heavy rain, high winds and golf ball-sized hail ripped through Findlay Wednesday evening.

Residents at Westmoore Terrace Apartments couldn't believe their eyes.

"My whole hood of my truck is smashed it's bad, real bad," said Paula Ferris.

And not too far down the road Beckie Radar and her husband Bart were dealing with their own mess.

"It was pretty scary the ground was covered with the hail, it looked like it had snowed," she said. "My car has broken windshields from the hail and our siding is damaged. We've got a lot of damage from it."

The storm dropped large hail causing several drains to clog which resulted in major flooding.

Strong winds also blew leaves off trees and left a trail of damage.

"It makes you wonder why is this going on right now, why is this happening, why are the weather conditions doing this, said Radar.

Although it's still too early to tell how much the storm will cost the radar family, the damage will serve as a reminder of how powerful Mother Nature can be.

I had no idea it was this bad, Radar said. I was not expecting as much damage, it TMs a little depressing and a lot of clean up work.

Seneca County has issued a level 1 roadway advisory as a result of flooding, so don't go out driving unless you have to.

And if you live in Monroe and use the city's water do not drink it without boiling it first.

Coliform bacteria has been found in the city's water supply.

Monroe Public Schools is cancelling classes Thursday to give the district time to obtain a supply of hand sanitizer and bottled water for the schools.