Findlay residents cleaning up after storm

Findlay resident George Behney watched in amazement as a tree that had stood outside his home for decades was uprooted in seconds. "The storm hit very quickly and it surprised everybody with its power, as you can see it uprooted this tree that had been here for 100 years," Mr. Behney said. Luckily for the Behney family the tree missed crashing onto their house by a few feet.

Despite knocking down many trees and power lines no one was seriously hurt during the storm that swept through Findlay late Friday afternoon. Nevertheless, thousands of homes and many businesses are without power and it could be several days before the power is fully restored. Tammy Routsoncombs house took a direct hit from an uprooted tree but she is just grateful that nobody was hurt. "We are all alive, the house is replaceable and the tree needed trimming anyway," Tammy said.