Findlay residents still waiting for federal flood report

In an interview with the Courier of Findlay last week an official with the US Army Corps of Engineers says the federal agency will need at least 3 more years to complete its work on the Blanchard River flood protection study. The agency began a study of the Blanchard River following the 2007 flood, said to be the second worst in recorded history. Most Findlay residents were pleased to hear that the federal government was getting involved with finding a solution to the flooding problem but many like Mike Crawford find that their patience is running out. "I don't know why it's taking so long," Mr. Crawford said.

The article in last Saturday's Courier of Findlay goes on to say that the US Army Corps of Engineers is expected to meet with city and county leaders in Findlay and Hancock County later this year.

Todd James, executive director of the Hancock County chapter of the American Red Cross, says residents are eager for a solution to the flooding crisis. "I think everybody hopes that we can find a solution to the flooding problem, but as long as you live near a river there is always that chance," Mr. James said.