Findlay tax levy fails, facing deep cuts

The 1/4% income tax levy for the City of Findlay failed to pass on November 6. Now the city faces a $6 million loss.

Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik says the city did have a contingency plan if the levy failed, and it involves cuts being made across the board.

"The only way we could maintain service and maybe improve upon what we do, is if we had the quarter. But unfortunately we don't," says Mihalik.

Police and fire will be among the departments affected by these cuts, which will happen over the next few weeks.

"We are going through the process of evaluating exactly who that is and what that means. And what that means in terms of dollars and cent for the city," explains the Mayor.

The voters of Findlay have showed they don't want to see more taxes.

"Sick of seeing new taxes. Sick of seeing a reoccurrence of the old taxes. And we're just getting taxed too much," says Findlay resident and voter Richard Rowold.

However, city officials thought the one quarter of one percent was a modest request.

"$6 million out of a $26 million budget is significant," says Mihalik.

The city plans on making these cuts immediately. They will be able to introduce a new levy in Spring, but at four months away, they say it's a long time to wait.

The levy failed by about 800 votes.