Findlay won't fill police department vacancies

In 2009 the Findlay Police Department received funds from the federal stimulus package that helped to pay for 13 police officers. Those funds expired two years ago and since that time the department has been forced to make cuts. When 2012 began the city had 62 police officers on its payroll. During the course of 2012 four officers have left the department and those vacancies were not filled. Chief Greg Horne says that with voters having rejected an income tax levy renewal last month the four vacancies will not be filled. "What will happen is that our response time will be slower due to the reduction in manpower," Chief Horne said. Going forward there will be five officers working on each shift down from 6.

Findlay resident Hershel Strong says the city needs more officers, not less. "We need all the help we can get for the crime and drugs in Findlay; alot of people won't admit that we have a problem in Findlay, but we do," Mr. Strong said.

More vacancies are expected next year. Chief Horne says one detective is close to retirement and another is leaving on January 1.