Finkbeiner, McNamara challenge lawmakers to take action against gun violence

A call to action against gun violence aligned former Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner alongside Democratic mayoral candidate Joe McNamara on Wednesday morning.

Finkbeiner and McNamara joined local advocates outside the Southland Shopping Mall, in front of a memorial to Kaitlin Gerber, who was shot and killed by her abusive ex-boyfriend last week. They challenged congress and lawmakers to take preventative measures towards gun violence.

â??Your backbones are weak, and your character and integrity is open to every one of us to challenge after a year in which so many innocent young men and women were gunned down,â?? said Finkbeiner.

Joe McNamara urged lawmakers to enforce legislation for universal background checks, which he says could help keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons.

â??Itâ??s a common sense approach that even gun owners, even members of the NRA, donâ??t disagree with,â?? said McNamara.

Toby Hoover of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence spoke about her own tragic loss to gun violence. Her first husband was killed by a felon who obtained an illegal firearm, similar to how Jashua Perz illegally possessed a gun that he used to murder Kaitlin Gerber.

â??We ought to find who sold him that gun and they ought to be responsible,â?? said Hoover. She added, â??Thatâ??s all this is about, making the sellers responsible enough that they wonâ??t sell them to just anybody.â??

Although Finkbeiner has not officially announced his endorsement for any of the mayoral candidates in the November election, he says the issue of gun violence will be a major issue facing lawmakers.

â??Get some backbone, get some fiber, do the right thing,â?? Finkbeiner said. â??The NRA will continue to exist, and you will get re-elected if you have some fiber in your bodies.â??