Fire kills Allen Twp. woman, injures husband

Allen Twp. crews assess the devastation done by the blaze.

A 90-year-old Hancock County woman is dead and her 89-year-old husband in the hospital after flames engulfed their Allen Township home Wednesday afternoon.

The fire started around 2:00 p.m. at 5188 Hancock County Road 18 just Northwest of Findlay.

The flames quickly engulfed the home.

Neighbors were able to rescue Charles Frost but they say they could not reenter the home to get to his wife Margaret.

"He kept saying "my wife's in there, my wife's in there. Can you please get her?" They were asking where she was at. It was so engulfed in flames there was no way anybody was going back in," said Wendy Treft, neighbor.

"There was so much fire coming out of the house, we couldn't make an interior attack. One attempt was made to make an interior attack and we just weren't able to make it in," said Allen Township Fire Chief Gary Hickman.

Several hours after the flames broke out, fire crews were able to retreive 90-year-old Margaret Frost's body.

The cause of the blaze is still under investigation.