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      Firefighter to run marathon in bunker gear

      A Perkins Township Firefighter is running the entire Glass City Marathon in 40 pounds of bunker gear. Firefighter Brian Hackenburg is honoring Private James Dickman and Private Steve Machcinski of the Toledo Fire Department, who lost their lives fighting a fire this year.

      Hackenburg fought fires alongside James Dickman for ten years. Dickman started his career in Perkins Township.

      â??This is about honoring two of our heroes who lost their lives for the greater good of our communities,â?? Hackenburg said.

      Toledo and Perkins Township Fire Departments will be accepting donations Saturday at the Glass City Marathon Expo at the Savage Arena. Money raised will help Machchinski and Dickman families travel to Colorado for a fallen firefighters memorial. Hackenburg hopes his efforts will inspire people to donate.VIEW: Local stories on fallen firefighters

      â??I considered Jamie a brother the second he walked in that door,â?? Hackenburg said. â??I still consider him a brother right now. His family is my family and thatâ??s what we are. Weâ??re one big family.â??

      Firefighter Hackenburg knows if Dickman were here, the two would be running together. They ran a 5k in their gear together last year. Hackenburg calls it the Turnout Challenge. Hundreds of firefighters around the county have participated.