Firefighters battle massive blaze on Fernwood

All homes are believed to be vacant.

Fire crews fought a blaze that destroyed two homes and damaged two others in the 1000 block of Fernwood Avenue early Wednesday.

Our crew at the scene learned the fire started in one of the homes around 4 a.m. before spreading to three neighboring homes. One house reportedly burned down, another was destroyed and two others suffered minor damage.

A man living in one of the homes woke up to the smell of smoke and heard windows breaking, but he was able to escape uninjured, according to his son, James Harris.

"He's blessed, everything came out OK and the house is pretty much in tact except for one side where the windows broke out, but he's fine," Harris said.

Two of the homes are believed to be vacant. Fire officials have not released the cause of the blaze and no injuries were reported.