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      Firefighters nationwide attend Toledo fallen firefigher memorial

      Hundreds of firefighters from around the country arrived in Toledo on Thursday to participate in services for the two Toledo firefighters killed on Sunday.Private Stephen Machcinski and Private James Dickman died while fighting a fire in North Toledo Sunday afternoon. Bob Welch, a firefighter from Manchester, N.H., drove 12 hours over the course of two days. "We are a brotherhood and I go all over the country for the funerals," Mr. Welch said.

      The Band of Brothers Pipes and Drums drove from Chicago to lend their musical talent to the Last Alarm Service at the Seagate Center on Thursday evening. John Gritzuk is one of the band members. "I know from experience when we've had people come to help us it's a great honor to have the show of support," Mr. Gritzuk said.

      Downtown Toledo hotels offered discounts for people coming from out of town. The owners of Summit Street parking said that all of the proceeds from the memorial service parking would be donated to the Toledo Fire and Rescue Foundation.