Firefighters save pit bull

Martia Massengill reunited with her pet pit bull, Boss.

A South Toledo familyâ??s pit bull is safe thanks to quick action by Toledo Firefighters.

Wednesday afternoon, Toledo Fire crews were dispatched to a house fire in the 600 block of Broadway Ave. with reports of a dog locked inside.

Upon arrival, heavy smoke was pouring from the back of the home. Thatâ??s when fire crews burst the door open and called out to the family dog. It wasnâ??t long before Boss the pit bull came running out.

Homeowner Martia Massengill was at work when she received a call from her neighbor saying heavy smoke was pouring out of her kitchen. Thatâ??s when she began a frantic drive home to see her family member Boss.

â??I was just hoping that he (Boss) was okay,â?? said Massengill, â??weâ??ve had him for two years since he was six weeks old.â??

Authorities believe the cause of the fire was due to faulty electrical wiring in the kitchen. Massengill was thankful the fire didnâ??t spark while her kids were inside, but was glad her pit bull was safe. Though physical signs of injury werenâ??t apparent, Massengill planned on taking boss to the vet for a checkup.