First Grader drops off candy for his hero Toledo Police Chief Kral


TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) - Many kids dream of being police officers when they grow up, but one first grader has his eye on the top prize: Police Chief.

6-year-old Sean Mauder actually stopped by the police department yesterday to drop off a “Police Officer Survival Pack.” Smarties for wisdom. Tootsie Rolls to roll with the punches. And a couple 100 Grands because police don’t get paid enough.

Those were just some of the reasons behind the different types of candy Sean dropped off to Toledo Police Chief George Kral.

“He said that he really, really likes candy," beamed Sean. "And he has a big, big sweet tooth.”

And when asked why he wanted to bring Chief Kral the care package: “Because he’s a good chief.”

This isn’t Sean’s first time brushing shoulders with the men in blue. He says he attends all things police; from ‘Cones with Cops’ to ‘Burgers with Badges.’

“This has been going on since he was about three year’s old," explained Sean's mom, Angela Neal. "He’s been dressing up like a police officer and doing the whole thing and had his motorcycle police come out and swear him in. So it’s been going on for quite a few years now.”

“I’ve kind of pseudo-adopted Sean," added Chief Kral. "He’s my little buddy so I know if I’m going to be somewhere, Sean’s going to be soon behind me.”

Sean says his interest in law enforcement first came from his grandfather. He explained, “he showed me that his grandpa was police officer and he showed me his baton and his retirement badge.”

And since then, local law enforcement officials have taken him under their wings.

“We want to have that relationship where they feel that they can come to the police," commented Kral. "And I know Sean has no problem coming and talking to a police officer, so if I can help nurture him along or be a mentor than I’m all over it.”

Which is why Sean wants to grow up to be just like them.

“I want to be a police officer," he said "and I want to change the world and make it a better place.”

And when that day comes? Chief Kral says, “If that ever happens, I’ll be in the audience watching him get his badge for sure.”

Sean’s mom adds that his father has actually had a couple run-ins with the law, so it’s exceptionally meaningful to her that he is on a positive path with law enforcement.

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