First music video shot in space on International Space Station

Shot of a recent spacewalk on the International Space Station.

A full-on music video, shot on the International Space Station, has become the latest internet sensation.

The I.S.S.'s commander, Canadian Chris Hadfield, was entirely shot and sung while station zipped around planet Earth...complete with weightless and floating guitar strumming and scenes of Mother Earth passing below out the widows.

The song you ask??? Quite appropriately, David Bowie's classic "Space Oddity".

Entertainment newspaper Variety reports that David Bowie apparently approves of the video...having posted a link to it on his Facebook fan page...along with a nod to Canadian musician Emm Gryner, who has played with his band and helped produce the version sent from space.

The Canadian Space Agency helped edit the video sequences shown in the video.

The music video is a bit of a "going away" present for Hadfield, who handed over command of the Space Station to Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov on Sunday.

As of 5pm Monday, the video had over 1.8-million hits on YouTube. Give it a look at the link provided.

In a word...mesmerizing.