First signs of Spring

We begin a gradual warm-up today. Temperatures will remain five to ten degrees below normal, but we are headed in the right direction!

We'll see periods of showers, a bit of a breeze from the south and high temps getting into the mid 40's.

More showers are in store overnight with nearly steady temps in the mid 40's. Keep your umbrella handy through about mid-day as scattered showers begin to roll in. Still breezy and milder with highs getting into the upper 40's - near 50 degrees!

For the weekend, we've got a bit of a mixed bag with Sunday being the day to take advantage of the outdoors. We see a bump in the road Saturday as skies will be mostly cloudy.

We could even see a light wintery mix early in the day. High temps only get to about 40 degrees. Sunday looks a lot better with partly cluody skies and high temps topping out near 50 degrees! We're even warmer Monday!