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      First step on construction on McCord Road underpass begins

      M uch antic i pated changes to a railroad crossing on McCord road in Holland are closer to becoming to a reality. Springfield School Board members met Wednesday night to discuss the future construction which will be bring major changes to the area.

      " I t is a good thing that everything's moving forward , " explains Holland parents Paul Quinto.

      M oving forward with planned construction that would turn this rail road crossing and turn it into an underpass.

      P arents like Quinto are happy to see progress. In 2009, Cody Brown along with Brianna Mullinger, both students at Springfield High School tried to beat a train at this crossing. Mullinger survived but Brown didn't. It's a reality Paul Quinto is reminded of everyday, "my daughter actually dated the young man that lost his life in the train accident and the young lady that was a survivor of the accident goes to school at BGSU with my daughter," explains Quinto.

      T he Springfield School Board met to discuss changes that will need to be made for the upcoming construction, including changing bus routes, relocating the bus compound, and creating new student parking.

      T he price tag for all of this is $773, 820 dollars. Money which won't come from tax payers.

      " W e met back in the early 90's, I think it was 1992 and started pursuing this trying to get a grade separation, unfortunately it took this long."

      A ccording to the Ohio Department of Transportation, an average of 75 trains cross this road. News of an underpass is good news for people who cross it everyday.

      " Y ou got the cars flying through here, you have trains going by, it definitely would be an important of safety if they have an underpass , " explains a Holland resident.

      A ctual construction on the $27 million project won't start until next year and should last until 2017.