Fish consumption advisories released for 2012

Just in time for lent, and almost time to cast out in the Maumee River for Walleye; the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued its 2012 fish consumption advisory.

Four Ohio area water bodiesâ?? restrictions have been relaxed and 10 waterways have added stricter limits to fish consumption. The 2012 advisory contains updates to 15 locations based on samples taken from 14 area lakes and reservoirs, and 18 streams in 2010.

In Lucas County, the Ottawa River do not eat advisory, put in place in 1991, has been changed to one meal per week for all species of fish upstream of Secor Road at the University of Toledo. Upstream from Auburn Avenue all fish, other than the common carp, are also one meal per week. The common carp is now one meal per month. From Auburn Avenue to the Mouth of the Ottawa at Lake Erie, due to contamination, a do not eat advisory is still remains.

Stricter limits have been recommended for consuming fish in Lake Erie due to probable human carcinogens (PCBs), mercury and blue algae. ODNR says channel catfish, common carp (under 27 inches), freshwater drum, lake trout, smallmouth bass, steelhead trout, white bass, whitefish, white perch, and brown bullhead are to only be consumed one meal per month. If over 27 inches, only consume common carp once every two months.

Lake Erie walleye and yellow perch consumption remain at one meal per week.

A statewide advisory for Ohio continues for one fish meal per week for all fish not other wise mentioned. WNWO recommends researching your local fish advisories. For further definitions and waterways near you, go to the Ohio EPA website or request a copy by calling 614-644-2160.