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      Fishermen make the most of walleye run

      <font size="3">Fishermen said Mondayâ??s rainwater is attracting fish from Lake Erie.</font>

      High water levels and a strong current aren??t enough to keep fishermen away from the Maumee River. They say the walleye run is now in full swing, and they??re making the most of it. Jonathon Loo and Kyle Crocker are lifelong friends, but when it comes to walleye fishing they??re arch rivals. Crocker??s recent luck isn??t sitting well with his buddy.

      ??He got the best of me today,?? Loo said. ??He got them a little quicker and it was a struggle.??

      Loo went home with four walleye, the legal limit in Ohio. Crocker caught four too, after tossing more than twenty back into the river.

      ??It??s a little heartbreaking,?? Crocker said. ??But four is plenty of meat so I??m not complaining.??

      The temperature is up to 43 degrees in some parts of the river, which is attracting walleye to the area. But fishermen are struggling with the strong current. The stream slows along a river bend in Orleans Park, making it a local hotspot and a cure for Crocker??s cabin fever.

      ??That was a brutal winter,?? Crocker said. ??Feels good to get out here and get the lines in the water.??

      Fishermen said Monday??s rainwater is attracting fish from Lake Erie. Many fishermen are waiting for water levels to subside before hitting the water.