Flood Warning Information

Flooding is a common occurrence in Northwest Ohio with the frequent river flooding we see around here. But did you know that there are different type of flood warnings that the national weather service issues?

Now the typical flood warning that we see in our area is a localized flood warning mainly for a local river that is running high. When this is issued you hear the NBC 24 weather team talk about three things for a river that is flooding and that is current stage, flood stage and crest.

Current stage is the current river level. Flood stage is the level at which the river will start flooding and crest is the where the river will reach its highest before receding.

Other flood warnings that the National Weather service issues is a flash flood warning. This can occur when a t-storm produces a tremendous amount of rain across an area in a very short amount of time. Flash flood warnings can be issued also for dam breaks or ice jams along a river which would cause a very quick rise of the river.

An Urban and small stream flood advisory is issued for when localized streets, low lying areas and road side ditches flood. This is mostly an inconvenience versus a life threatening flood event.

Remember these four words if you come up to a road way that has high water. "Turn Around Don't Drown"