Flooding Expected in Findlay

An iconic sign over I-75 in Findlay says "Flag City," but is "Flood City" more fitting?

The "Flag City" could be renamed the "flood city."

Findlay, Ohio is gearing up for what the mayor expects to be the worst flood in years.

Milder temperatures are melting the heavy snowfall from earlier this week, saturating the ground. And now rain is on the way.

"We're anticipating a significant amount of rain which will, in turn, mean a large flooding event for the city of Findlay again, unfortunately," says Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik.

She urges residents to execute any flood plans they may have.

Findlay's landscape makes it extremely susceptible to flooding.

"We had an engineer here once, Brian Hurd, that told us we were topographically challenged," says Mihalik.

The city sits in a river valley, and its flat land makes it ideal for the Blanchard River to overflow. Normally, the depth of the Blanchard is less than two feet. The flood level is 11 feet. They are expecting more than enough to reach that.

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City officials are in contact with the National Weather Service for the most current information. As of this report being filed, the weather service's prediction online was 13.6 feet.

The weather service keeps tabs on the city of Findlay because of its frequent floods, so if their forecast is correct, another flood is definite. But experience has prepared the city, and its residents, well.

Mihalik says, "Plans are in place. I'm confident that we'll be able to execute them. We are at the point where we just have to wait and see what mother nature is going to serve us up."

Rainfall is expected to be at least two-to-three inches over the next few days. That is more than enough for the banks of the Blanchard River to spill over.