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      Floodwater spills into Pemberville homes

      <font size="2">One man returned home from work to find his car floating in the river.</font>

      Residents in Pemberville woke up on Monday to find a river running through their homes.

      April Evansâ?? home looks similar to others on the block; a basement filled with over eight feet of water. It hasnâ??t reached the first floor, but the toilet wonâ??t flush, the sink wonâ??t work and she canâ??t do laundry.

      â??You never imagine in your life that it would ever happen to you and you never understand how hard it is,â?? said Evans. She continued, â??Especially when you have two kids and they have to take you by canoe out of your house at 11:30 at night.â??

      Others on the block also woke up to a real-life nightmare. One man returned home from work to find his car floating in the river. Some neighbors abandoned their homes to stay with friends or relatives while the flood water recedes.

      Vehicles on the road carefully navigated flooded streets, some of which were closed off to traffic.

      Neighbors are hopeful the water will have receded by Christmas.