Flying high on the tundra

All this week, I am taking a look back at my remarkable trip north to study polar bears. It took me a day to fly to the base camp in remote Churchill, Manitoba. But the flying didn't stop once I reached the tundra.

I flew a helicopter for my first time. We traveled about half and hour to a polar bear den. The view was outstanding, featuring rolling rivers and marshy land. However, the den itself was pretty uneventful but still interesting. I am told this particular cavelike structure can house a mama bear and two cubs. There was a sniper at all times watching out back as well. We didn't want any surprise bear visits!

Back in the air, a safer vantage point. We even caught a glimpse of a bear. The world flies by fast from up here. But it gives you a greater perspective about what we have on this earth and what environmental groups like PBI are trying to protect.