Focus on human trafficking at Cedar Creek Church

Cedar Creek Church collaborated with several organizations this weekend to help put an end to human trafficking.

Toledo is a top hub for human trafficking in the United States. Many of the victims are brought into Northwest Ohio from Moldova, eastern Europeâ??s poorest country. Representatives from Cedar Creek Church visited several organizations in Moldova last week who are building transition homes to help rescue orphaned women. They shared the experience with the churchâ??s congregation.

â??In the last two years about 30,000 people have disappeared without a trace out of Moldova,â?? said Oleg Reutki, President of the rescue group â??New Hope Moldova.â??

A joint-effort between â??New Hope Moldovaâ?? and the group â??Stellaâ??s Voiceâ?? has helped build several transition homes to rescue over a hundred young women from a life on the streets.

â??I know what they feel, I know what theyâ??re struggling with,â?? said Marina Reutki, Olegâ??s wife and a former orphan in Moldova. â??We built the transition homes to help these girls find a safe place, to get a good education, to be healthy moms in the future, and healthy members of society.â??

Natalie Gutium says she was lucky to have been chosen to live in a transitional home after living in unpleasant conditions in one of Moldovaâ??s largest orphanages.

â??When weâ??re 16 we are kicked out of the orphanage and we end up on the streets,â?? said Gutium. She continued, â??One of the girls that lived in the same orphanage as me that didnâ??t get to come to Stellaâ??s House is in China right now being trafficked and working as a prostitute.â??

The transition homes can only house a limited number of people, and Cedar Creek is helping to remedy that problem by donating this weekendâ??s total offering to build a new transition home in Moldova.