Following 3 homicides,TPD mobilizes

TPD investigates the scene of one of the 3 homicides they've seen this week(courtesy NBC 24 news).

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--Ernest Ham has lived in West Toledo since the 70s and over the last several years he's seen more crime than ever before.

"It's still a good neighborhood.We just have some bad apples," Ham said .

He lives just off of Detroit Avenue, right across the street from where 34-year-old Raishaun Williams was killed last Friday.

"That's a shame for young black people to just throw away their lives like that," said Ham, referring to the high amount of violence.

Williams's alleged killer, Kenneth Waters, was arrested. Though it's unconfirmed with the Toledo Police department, his family tells NBC 24 that it stemmed over a minor dispute. They say Waters simply walked through the front door and opened fire.

Williams's death last Friday was the first in a total of three homicides in Toledo in a 5 day time span.

Out of the 3 homicides, only one suspected killer has been found.

The suspects for the two other victims ,Todd Davis,16, and Treyvon Warren, 18, has yet to be apprehended.

Some in the neighborhood believe it's part of a gang war going on, which Police aren't ruling out.

For others, it's just another day.

"A gunshot over here is like a dog bark or bird chirp. It's a common thing," said LaJordan Carter.

Before the string of homicides, Toledo went a month and a half without one, mentioned Public Information Officer Joe Heffernan. He also noted an 18 percent reduction in shootings.

Police are using their own tactics to solve the crimes including canvassing the streets, using Facebook, and examining evidence.

While that's happening, Neighbors say the community also has to be held responsible as the summer warmer weather approaches.

"I think there's going to be more violence," said Ham. " I don't think it's going to stop."

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