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      Food pantry moves into a new home

      The pantry will re-open on Wednesday, July 2.

      The Bowling Green Christian Food Pantry has a new home.

      Since Monday, volunteers have been moving food into the pantry's new location at 419 Gould St.

      Shirley Woessner is the pantry's director. "We have wonderful, wonderful volunteers and they have worked tirelessly all week bringing things over," Ms. Woessner said.

      The pantry serves between 200 and 300 families each month.The pantry will re-open on Wednesday, July 2.

      The Bowling Green Chrsitian Food Pantry had been housed in the basement of a building on Wooster Street for the last 11 years.

      In April, the landlord notfied Woessner that he wanted to renovate the property, forcing the pantry to relocate.

      The pantry did not pay rent during the time it was located at Wooster Street, but they are paying rent at the Gould Street location.

      Woessner said several churches have pledged support.

      "We haved asked them if they would consider making a monthly pledge to help us with the rent so that we do not have to dig into our food budget and several churches have said yes," Ms. Woessner said.