Food truck ordinance withdrawn, but still causing a stir

Chelsea Baum, owner of Grumpy's FoodTruck, interacts with a customer at one of their many mobile locations (courtesy NBC 24

Perrysburg, Ohio (WNWO)-- A new guest appeared at the Perrysburg Farmer's market last week on Thursday --Food trucks.

"The food trucks will bring people in because there's a following for them," said Phil Barone, food truck owner and President of the Toledo City Council Food Truck Association.

Not everyone is singing the same tune though.

At a Perrysburg City Council meeting on Tuesday the Finance Committee--made up of three councilman including chairman Jim Matuszak-- proposed an ordinance that would call for mobile food vendors to pay a yearly $250 fee.

In addition food vendors would have to have have $1 million in liability coverage and register with local Fire and Health Departments.

Owners like, Maggie Bauman, quickly fired back calling the rate "unfair" ,comparing it to the city of Toledo's $50 yearly fee.

The Council argued truck's could pose as competition for existent businesses and congest an already busy street. Councilman Matuszak drafted the ordinance and while he said the $250 was just a placeholder,that will cover city registration and clean up.

The council will revisit the ordinance after more discussion, as the first time the ordinance was introduced to the rest of Council and needs some revisions.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Monday.

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