Football 'field of dreams' a reality for Lake High School

A Lake Local Schools bus is seen next to the nearly destroyed Lake football field

Lake High School football players and fans will soon be getting their playing field back. It is welcomed good news for the tornado-ravaged school.

Until this week, Lake High School was facing a bleak season for their football team after the June 5th tornado scattered too much debris onto the field; making it unplayable.

But this week, it was learned that the insurance company says it will cover the cost of replacing the turf and work is already underway.

It did not take long for the big machines to start moving the dirt: moving it out and cleaning off the surface for a brand new state-of-the-art, artificial turf..

"This is a high-end monofilament surface," said Brad Morrison, Maumee Bay Turf Center. And, says Morrison, putting this turf in is a big job and a rush job. "We'll dig down about 18 inches and we have to take all the sand and topsoil off, then we have to compact it and put in drains," he said.

They have to replace the field's surface because of the amount of debris that was scattered all over the field by the tornado; debris like sharp pieces of glass that can be a danger to the players or anyone on the field.

"These fields are beyond what any human can clean and there is no machine that can clean up the glass and the nails," said Morrison.

So it is game on, if the scoreboard is going to be used in a couple of months, the workers may be going into over time to get it done.

"We're looking forward to the first night when we can have a game here and this will be a respite from all of the digging and debris and help to get our lives back on track," said Lake Superintendent Jim Witt.

The cost of the resurfacing is about $750,000. Superintendent Witt tells NBC24 that he knows they may get some criticism by those who will object to using the more expensive state-of-the-art, artificial turf. But he feels that this is not just used by the football team but by the band and other students in other sports and activities and he stands by the decision.