Forbes ranks Toledo # 9 for job growth

The unemployment rate in the US is at 7.3 percent. Tthe economy added 169,000 jobs last month, and job seekers are hoping the trend will continue, making the market favor the employee.

"I don't think we're there yet. Right now it's [still] an employers market and they can say what they want," said Leigh Guerra with The Source of Northwest Ohio.

Good news for Toledo, Forbes Magazine has ranked the Glass City number nine for job growth, beat out cities with larger populations like Boston, Atlanta and San Diego.

Local employers are now on the hunt.

"They're actually contacting us right now. We haven't had to do much recruitment. At the job fair we have next friday, most of those employers have contacted us," Guerra said.

25-year-old Owens Community College student Justin Watson hopes to find one of those open positions.

"Right now I'm looking for something that can supplement me while I'm in school," Watson said.

Watson is working towards a degree in business administration, and says the Forbes ranking sounds accurate because he's seen the local market pick up.

"Toledo is definitely booming. You can see factories being built up, and the town is being built up," Watson said.

Warson would like to find work that will add work or life experience to his chosen field and thinks that being a local will give him a lead on the competition.

"Within the city, they like to hire people that know the city, know the people that are coming into the business, and that can relate to the people that are coming into the business," Watson explained.

View a ranking of the complete list of cities. Houston, Texas topped the Forbes list. Detroit came 48th while nearby cities like Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, and Dayton made the top 55 cities.