Forbes says Toledo is one of the most miserable cities in the U.S.

Forbes Magazine ranks Toledo as the 8th most miserable city in the country

Toledo is no stranger to making lists for various reasons. And now at least according to Forbes Magazine the Glass City is one of the most miserable places to live in the United States.

But Toledoans shouldn't feel too bad because cities such as Miami, West Palm Beach, Florida and Chicago are all considered to be even more miserable than Toledo.

Here's what Forbes said about Toledo when it ranked the city 8th in its most recent poll:

"The city is ensnared in a scandal within its Department of Neighborhoods that involves alleged bid rigging and stolen funds. The FBI and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are investigating the crimes. Toledo scores poorly when it comes to income and property tax rates."

Many people don't agree with the ranking and have started a Facebook Page called Not Miserable in Toledo.

Here's the top ten most miserable cities in the U.S. according to Forbes Magazine:

1 Miami

2 Detroit

3 Flint

4 West Palm Beach

5 Sacramento

6 Chicago

7 Fort lauderdale

8 Toledo

9 Rockford, IL

10 Warren, MI

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What do you think of Forbes Magazine's list? Do you agree with Toledo's ranking? Disagree? If you believe Toledo is a miserable city, tell us why. Post your comments below.