Forbes: Toledo is a miserable city

Misery was on the rise last year around the country last year, and Toledo was no exception, according to Forbes Magazine.

Toledo has been ranked the 15th most miserable city in America by the money magazine. The ranking, based on the publication's 'Misery Measure', takes into account metrics such as unemployment, taxes, commute times, violent crime, weather, pollution and how the city's professional sports teams have fared in recent past.

In naming Toledo to this year's list, Forbes cites Toledo's net migration out of the metro area every year over the past two decades, despite a below average cost of living.

The list includes the top 20 miserable cities in the country, picked from the 200 largest metropolitan areas. Any area with a population of more than 245,000 was eligible. Apart from Toledo, four other Ohio cities made the top 20 list, including Cleveland in the number one spot.

Forbes Top 20 Miserable Cities: (Slideshow of cities)

1 - Cleveland, Ohio2 - Stockton, Calif.3 - Memphis, Tenn.4 - Detroit, Mich.5 - Flint, Mich.6 - Miami, Florida7 - St. Louis, Mo.8 - Buffalo, NY9 - Canton, Ohio10 - Chicago, Ill.11 - Modesto, Calif.12 - Akron, Ohio13 - Kansas City, Mo.14 - Rockford, Ill.15 - Toledo, Ohio16 - New York, NY17 - Sacramento, Calif.18 - Youngstown, Ohio19 - Gary, Ind. 20 - Philadelphia, Penn.

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