Forget the cold! Want to Beat the Heat?

Apple, Humane Ohio's resident cat, is ready to take your appointments for Beat the Heat.

Warmer weather may still be months away, but Humane Ohio can help you â??Beat the Heatâ?? starting Feb. 1.

The Toledo based non-profit is offering drastically reduced pricing to spay female cats, at just $20, during the month of February.

The special â??Beat the Heatâ?? promotion price is even less than the clinic's normal low cost .It's available to all Ohio and Michigan residents.

The deal is a strategic move to spay the felines in advance of their heat cycles and to help prevent unwanted litters from being born this spring.

"Every spring, local animal shelters and rescue groups are flooded with thousands of kittens. We can help these organizations by preventing unwanted kittens from being born,â?? Humane Ohio Marketing Director Jill Borkowski said.

Cat parents who wish to take advantage the offer must mention the â??Beat the Heatâ?? promotion when they call to schedule an appointment.

Those interested can visit Humane Ohio's website or find them on Facebook for more information or call 419-266-5607 to schedule an appointment

The â??Beat the Heatâ?? promotion is sponsored by PetSmart Charities®, the largest funder of animal welfare efforts in North America, who will facilitate 400 surgeries of owned female cats at the $20 price.

In addition to its low cost spay-neuter clinic, Humane Ohio also offers a pet food bank.

Last year alone they fixed 12,576 animals and gave out more than 85,000 pounds of pet food.