Former city employee complains of hostile work environment

Last June Julie Katakis was hired as a clerk in the Code Enforecemnt Division within the city of Toledo's Department of Inspection. Katakis was fired two months later by Bob Mossing, Manager of the Division of Code Enforcement. In the termination letter Mossing wrote: "As a result of our observations of your interaction with other staff members and your inability to maintain positive working relationships, we have determined it is in the best interest of the City that your employment with the City of Toledo be terminated, effective immediately."

WNWO called Mr. Mossing on Wednesday but he said the city's Law Department prohibited him from speaking about Katakis. Katakis believes she was fired because she complained about other employees taking long lunch breaks and coming to work late and not filling out their time cards correctly. "The general consensus was that they did not want to be told that something needed to be fixed because it was never going to be fixed," Ms. Katakis said.

Katakis also recalled a toxic relationship between the Department of Neighborhoods and the Division of Code Enforcement. "There was a lot of animosity between the two departments that you could cut with knife," Ms. Katakis said.